Flock, Stock and Two-Legged Mammals: paintings by Northumberland-based artist, Gavin Watson.

With titles such as 'Rawhide', 'Pigmartyr' and 'Waiting for Dogot', the work reflects my interest in the physical and emotional bonds that exist between people, animals, and the spaces they share. I portray animals as spiritual beings capable of both humility and wonder.

I draw on the cultural heritage of Northumberland's border Reivers whose strong kin-ties and relationships with the land and its livestock defines what has been romanticised as England's last wilderness.

Migration and displacement are recurring themes in the work, which portrays wild and domestic animals against emblems of the English country house, such as flock wallpaper, which itself references the landscape.

Rawhide Painting

Oil on canvas 42” x 40” 2011

The Ladt Tupper Painting

The Last Tupper,
Oil on canvas 42” x 40” 2011

Buck Passing Painting

Buck Passing,
Oil on canvas 50” x 40” 2011

Call of the Child Painting

Call of the Child,
Oil on canvas 50” x 40” 2011

Pigmartyr Painting

Oil on canvas 30” x 18” 2011

Waiting for Dogot Painting

Waiting for Dogot,
Oil on canvas 40” x 32” 2011

Duck Down Painting

Duck Down,
Oil on linen 34” x 30” 2011

Dogmartyr Painting

Oil on canvas 32” x 28” 2011

Ugly Suckling Painting

Ugly Suckling,
Oil on linen 18” x 14” 2011

Northern Soul Painting

Northern Soul,
Oil on linen 18” x 14” 2011